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Henderson: ‘Property is Not a Static Thing’


By Paul Bubny  Aug 31, 2012

NEW YORK CITY-“Outside-the-box imagination” is called for finding the highest and best use for properties that may no longer be performing at their full potential, says industry veteranShaun Henderson. As he gears up his newly launched advisory firm, Henderson Capital Advisors, Henderson tells that “I’ve got a property; I don’t know what to do with it” is a refrain he’s hearing constantly.

“Property is not a static thing; buildings are not static things,” says Henderson, who spent 40 years with Benenson Capital Partners LLC before hanging out his own shingle, where he’s director of development and marketing. “Something that was very appropriate years ago doesn’t necessarily have the same use today.” He adds that devising a solution means “taking something and looking at it upside down, looking at it from a different point of view and understanding its potential.”

[learn_more caption=”More…”] It’s then a combination of “reimagining usage, and being able to implement that reimagination physically,” says Henderson. Luckily I bring a long construction background and I bring a creative background, so I can tell a client, ‘This very nice office building you have from 1935 is no longer an office building. Now it’s a condo opportunity for residential.”

He offers a real-life example from one of the assignments Henderson Capital has already landed. “I’ve got somebody just outside Washington, DC who’s asking me to take what is essentially a strip shopping center and present it differently,” he says. “A one-story building with plain glass fronts is not going to attract the consumer they need. It needs to be elevated; the architecture needs to be manipulated, and this will bring in tenants.”Henderson, whose parting with Benenson Capital was amicable, readily acknowledges the opportunity the locally based firm gave him to develop that practiced, nuanced view over four decades as an owner rep. “It has truly been an honor to be part of this historic company and to play a role in helping the Benenson family and its partners make the most of their exceptional portfolio,” he says in a release.

At Benenson, COO Richard A. Kessler says in a statement that his firm applauds Henderson’s “entrepreneurial spirit and determination to create a company that will showcase his talents. We wish him the very best.” The services that Henderson Capital provides—based on its founder’s experience at Benenson—range from architecture and construction, to finance, investment guidance, marketing and zoning. Although based in New York City, its geographic reach is diverse, and it runs the gamut of property types.

“What I’m essentially trying to do is take that franchise idea and offer it to a larger audience,” says Henderson. “One of the wonderful things about real estate is that you accumulate wisdom; you accumulate experience and knowledge. And even if you’re a more mature person, you get to use that knowledge. Some of the great real estate people in New York are in their 80s; you don’t have to be 30 to do well. So experience and knowledge is the currency of New York real estate expertise, and that’s what I’m offering.”[/learn_more]


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Real Estate Vet Launches Henderson Capital Advisors


By Jennifer Hughes   Sep 07, 2012

Shaun Henderson, a commercial real estate veteran who worked at Benenson Capital Partners LLC for 40 years, has launched his own firm, Henderson Capital Advisors.

The firm will provide investors with consulting and advisory services to help conceive and execute asset enhancement programs for office, retail, industrial and multifamily properties.

Most recently, Henderson served as director of development and marketing at Benenson. During his time with the firm he also served as an owner’s representative, responsible for directing and managing construction of numerous projects.

[learn_more caption=”More…”] The new company will deliver consulting services that cover all aspect of the real estate capital business—from architecture and construction to finance, investment guidance, marketing and zoning—for his new venture.

The full-service real estate advisory firm is based in New York, but will have a diverse geographic reach, serving high-rise residential properties in Midtown Manhattan, warehouse facilities in Miami and a range of suburban office buildings around the country.

NREI talked to Henderson about why he’s not worried about starting a new company after more than 40 years in the business, and what it takes to market from Miami to Manhattan to Middle America. An edited transcript of that interview follows.

NREI: What is it like to launch your own business at a time when many of your peers are likely heading into retirement?

Shaun Henderson: One of the wonderful things about real estate is that it is not age discriminatory. A lot of the guys who are really successful are working in their 80s because it’s an experience and a knowledge thing. It’s not like I’m making widgets or something physical—it’s a mental act.

Harry Helmsley worked into his 90s. The guy who runs Glenwood Management, Lenny Litman, is 97, and he’s building a new high-rise.

NREI: Is there any perception that someone of your age may not be in touch with all the technological advances right now?

Shaun Henderson: If you can use email and you can navigate around the Internet, I think you’ll be fine. I saw an article yesterday in the New York Times talking about architecture and the long-lost art of drawing, looking at CAD and the things people use now for architectural work. At the end of the day, it’s still an architect with a pencil who is designing something. Technology is very useful, but experience is invaluable.

I’m 65 and 65 is the new 50. I have lots of energy and I want to do stuff.

NREI: Are there any butterflies in the gut launching a new company when the economy is still somewhat shaky?

Shaun Henderson: The real estate economy is shaky in some places and very strong in others. Residentially in New York, it’s extremely strong. Prices have come back to numbers that are better than pre-recession.

If buildings are vacant, you have to try to figure out a solution and it’s that problem solving that I bring to the table. You can’t wait five years until the market gets better, you have to move today. Bad economies don’t frighten me, it’s about opportunity. It does take a little bit more creativity.

NREI: You’ll be offering a full service real estate advisory firm—I’m curious— just taking aside one issue, say, marketing—what are some of the major differences marketing a project in New York compared to, say, Miami or somewhere in middle America in the suburbs?

Shaun Henderson: The first thing you have to have is sensible pricing. That’s the lesson we learned from the recession. People are going to ask questions now and not just accept a number thrown out at them. Pricing that seems right is one, two and three on my list.

You also have to have a product that is attractive—you can’t look tired or sad, whether it’s office space or housing, you need to renovate kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies. It’s a continual thing, you’re never finished with real estate.

NREI: Let’s look at the retail sector for a moment. What are some of the newest things that are going on in retail now? What do you see that clients want and need in their properties?

Shaun Henderson: Fifth Avenue in New York City, below 49th Street. That has long been not necessarily the best area retail-wise, but it’s having a renaissance because the office space is getting strong. Retailers are tired of being quoted $1,000 a sq. ft. on Madison Avenue compared to $200 or $250 on Fifth Avenue a few blocks away. It’s a 10-minute walk—why should the rent be four times as much? People are discovering value and the spaces on Fifth Avenue are also larger spaces. So if you’re a big retailer that requires 10,000 or 15,000 sq. ft., it’s hard to find a good location in Midtown. That area is ripe for redevelopment of retail.

NREI: You sound like you’re excited, really ready to go.

Shaun Henderson: I’m very excited. It’s great to have a challenge and I’ve been getting some nice responses. I’ve been in real estate for a long time, so I know a lot of people and some of them are saying, “Really? You’re trying something new at 65?” But it feels pretty good. [/learn_more]